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At Garfrerick’s Cafe, we love our produce. Chef Dave’s lifelong obsession with Heirloom tomatoes fueled his desire to own and operate his own restaurant.

At our Farm in Talladega county, Alabama, we grow the finest organic produce in the area. Hundreds of tomatoes, row upon row of okra, mounds of squash and dense stands of corn all sway gently in the hot breeze, waiting to make their way onto the plates of our guests.

"I don't think 'Farm to Table' is a modern trend says Owner & Chef Garfrerick. Its the way our ancestors lived. It is not a fad and is not going away"

Owner and Chef Dave Garfrerick’s mission to connect people with their food takes him beyond Garfrerick's Cafe and into the garden, growing many of its ingredients. Prior to opening the Cafe in 2008, Chef Dave gained a reputation for quality by supplying notable Birmingham restaurants such as Hot & Hot and Bottega with organic produce from his Talladega County farm.

Chef Dave’s work with heirloom varieties as well as his affinity for regional historic recipes have inspired notable dishes. His knowledge and practice of sustainable farming practices is respected by local growers, who also supply the Cafe with ingredients.

Chef Dave wants guests to understand how the seasons affect flavor and texture and experience food that is fresh and pure. As a result, Garfrerick’s Cafe has been recognized far and wide including a “Best of Bama” award by the readers of Alabama magazine.

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